Simply turn the wheel left or right to see older or newer log entries from previous trips. A Knot icon in the upper left of the screen provides access to Settings, Tutorial and Contact information. The last icon on the main display is the GPS Location Icon located in the lower right of the screen. The monitor has a sensor behind the display that takes the reading by recording your pulse. The easiest and most efficient way is to monitor them with the help of a cell phone monitoring app to make sure that they don’t get involved in any plotting against the company. It is still spring here at home so I have not had the chance to get out on the lake and try out all the features. Specific information can be added for each boat including type, length, builder, year and home port. Multiple vessels can be added to keep track of your trips on individual vessels. Older trips can be selected and they can be stepped through with the slider on the right side of the screen reviewing your performance along the way. Several icons are located on the screen for navigating the various features of the app.

The reason here is that the functionality of the cell phone spyware is the only way parents can be sure that the app will enable them to spy their children effectively. From your dashboard, you will be able to see all the various control and command that you can use to track multiple things on the phone. It records snoring at night and you can track conditions and changes you make to habits to see what works. Electronic logbook support – log into Boatbook’s website at any time to see all your app’s sailing log data online. What do you use for a log book? Maritime pro logbook for sailing, yachting and boating professionals at any stage of their career – fully functional marine log book. The Wheel in the bottom center of the screen can be selected to view all of your log entries for each trip. Heading, speed and distance are all recorded for you on each trip. When you begin your travels the app automatically starts records heading, speed and distance travelled. The app only allows placing of marker on the water so it is of no use for marking other points. I reviewed the Companion App back in 2012. It notifies users of upcoming points of interest and hazards while they cruised.

1. Install and Open BlockSite app on your Android phone. They also have an Android version found on the Google Play Store. Parental Control ‘s most recent creation is the Locations App which can be found on iTunes or the Google Play Store. The Marker Icon allows the user to place markers on the map during the trip to add locations for points of interest. Their work helps cruisers become more aware of points of interest, obstacles, hazards, events and most recently other boating friends locations. Sailing Log is fully automated so all you have to do is start boating or sailing and it senses and records your every movement. Do you still use an paper log or do you use an electronic log? During this session, you can allow calls, messages or other apps that still your kid can use. Jeff and Karen Siegel have taken their many years of cruising, interacting with other yachties and marina owners to develop some websites and apps that provide some unique features and capabilities. The tutorial is just a little five page slide show showing the various features of the app.

This is used to drop marketers or pins to show anchorages or special spots along your journey. Today I’ll show you how to install a spy app onto Apple iPhone. You will be amazed to find out that this app works secretly inside the cell phone of your employee without notifying about it to anyone at all. Except for the placement of menu options, the restrictions feature on iOS 12 works mostly similar to the previous versions of iOS. Some of the features of the app are accessing multimedia files, locations, call logs, messages, notes etc. This app isn’t only available for iOS but is also available for an Android device to take many benefits. Believe you me, you are going to be at ease once you hire the services of this cell phone monitoring app. Being able to monitor and view this content will put your worries at ease knowing what your child is up to on their iPhone.

The Choose Boat button in the middle allows the user to set up the details of the vessel that they will be traveling on. Umate Pro allows you to preview the data you want to erase. If you want to provide a cell phone to your teen and also avoid the pitfalls like talking and texting in the wee hours of the night or neglecting school work, you may need some new tools as a parent. ‘Geo Tracking’ updates employers with the precise GPS location of their employees at any time they want to. Was able to quickly get all texts (deleted texts as well), calls and GPS location with great accuracy. Whose chat they are hiding from you and you will get all the details of all the activity that they are doing on the phone. Innovative logbook software – get online and desktop records of your sailing trips by registering for free as a user. Other features that may be nice to have are a way to add pictures, email friends and post your trips to social media like FaceBook or Twitter.